Agricultural Tracks


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At OK Tire we have AG Tracks that have been studied and designed to obtain remarkable efficiency.

Our rubber tracks provide superior traction and flexibility, and they were designed to be as simple as possible, consequently resulting in easy maintenance and installation.

Our highly trained Track Professionals will install and offer maintenance training on your Tracks.

For your Agricultural Track needs, contact the Fargo Main, Carrington, Fargo Commercial Center, Bismarck Commercial Center, Minot Tire, or Motley, MN Tire Stores.


Rebuilt Undercarriage Parts Available

Carrington - 701-652-2823

Fargo Commercial Store - 701-277-8426

Bismarck Commercial Center - 701-255-0822

Minot Tire - 701-839-2686

Watford City Commercial Center - 701-842-6654


In Minnesota, Contact the Motley Store 1-888-360-9957

Motley Tire - 218-352-6535



The principal design advantages of tracked over wheeled vehicles are that they are in contact with a larger surface area than would generally be the case with a wheeled vehicle, and as a result exert a much lower force per unit area on the ground being traversed than a conventional wheeled vehicle of the same weight. This makes them suitable for use on soft, low friction, and uneven ground.

  • Strength
  • Traction
  • Durability
  • Optimum performance
  • Increased track life