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Rubber Tracks

Agricultural Tracks

Our Rubber Ag Tracks

At OK Tire we are the licensed distributor for Firestone rubber tracks. We also carry options for all equipment from Soucy Track and CAMSO. No matter the piece of machinery you’re looking to freshen up, odds are you are already running a premium brand we have in stock!

Our rubber track options are tailored to every working condition and will provide superior traction and longevity for your operation. Whether it be Row Crop, Tillage, Scraping, Trailered, or full Conversion Systems we carry the correct width and model for you.

Not to be overlooked and an important aspect of rubber track replacement is the condition of your undercarriage Driver, Idler, and Mid-roller wheels. We stock polyurethane options from Superior to support your rubber track investment.

Make your next inquiry with our experts at OK Track Solutions. From installation to preventative inspections over the life of your purchase the OK Track Solutions team has you covered. Let’s have a conversation today!

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Rubber Track Benefits

The general benefits of tracked equipment over wheeled options have to do with how the machine contacts the ground. With a larger footprint, operators with tracked equipment take advantage of these major benefits…

Increased Tillage & Harvest Efficiency

  • With reduced ground PSI and greater floatation via a supported footprint, tracks produce minimal soil disturbance and stress in your fields.
  • Tracks allow operations to get into the field earlier and allow work to be done in a wider array of soil conditions.

Preservation of Soil Tilth

  • Tracks provide constant contact with the ground and optimal working pressure. This leads to less overall soil disturbance and better compaction outcomes than wheeled alternatives.
  • Most track units have sets of mid-roller wheels on independently pivoting axles that better distribute machine weight, follow ground contours, and avoid pressure spikes in the soil.

More HP Transfer

  • Unmatched in size, a rubber track footprint transfers more power to the ground than wheeled options. Reducing slip & fuel consumption by optimizing the use of modern implements.

Construction Tracks

Our Rubber Tracks

At OK Tire Stores we have heavy-duty replacement tracks in stock from premium manufacturers Bridgestone and CAMSO.

We carry the correct sizing for use on equipment by Bobcat, Caterpillar, Kubota, Case, New Holland, John Deere, Komatsu, ASV, Terex, and all other leading manufacturers.

How do I Choose the Correct Track Placement?

Talk to the OK Tire Track Solutions experts! With rubber track replacement tread application is critical. From aggressive sawtooth patterns to long-lasting block-style tread our staff will take the time to understand your working conditions and provide a tread pattern that best suits the type of work your equipment sees.

Stop into your local OK Tire Store or click our ‘Request a Track Quote’ button to find the right solution for your rubber track replacement.

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Rubber Track Undercarriage

At OK Tire we don’t just replace rubber tracks we support the whole machine undercarriage. Roller wheels are a critical component of a track system. Without proper running gear, you cannot expect optimal performance, life, or serviceability of our premium rubber tracks. We carry Superior brand OEM quality wheels your equipment demands!

AgriTraxx®, Midrollers, Idlers & Drive Wheels

No Bond Separation Guaranteed

Proprietary bonding technology that resists heat and shear force to prevent debonding.

Longest Wear-Life

Polyurethane compound engineered to generates less heat, reduces chunking, and provides the highest cut & tear resistance.

Resist the Elements

Unlike rubber, AgriTraxx® Mid-rollers polyurethane is resistant to Oils, UV, Weak Acids, Diesel Fuel, Moisture and more.

Extend Rubber Track Life

Lower operating temperatures reduce rubber track deterioration, however, polyurethane will not capture debris and or score the track.

The Importance of Good Hardware

Undercarriage Inspection & Maintenance

At OK Track Solutions we offer complimentary inspections of your equipment’s running gear. Leave the replacement criteria to our experts or use our self-inspection form to document any worn parts ready for replacement.

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Powersports Track Systems

Our Track Systems

At OK Tire Stores we can take all major Side-by-Sides & ATVs to a new level. Get optimal traction, mobility, stability, and flotation with a CAMSO track system.

  • Hunting
  • Ice fishing
  • Land Management
  • Pasture Access
  • EMS / Fire Services
How do I Choose the Correct System?

Talk with our sales staff or “Request a Quote”. A few simple questions about your ride are all it takes. Generally, these systems fall into three categories…


For all full size and crew Side-by-Sides


For mid-size Size-by-Sides and large displacement ATV's


For most ATV's
New Machine Old System?

No Problem, we can move most systems to your new machine with a Transfer Kit. Call your local OK Tire store for the correct hardware to match your existing track system to your new machine.

Agricultural & Construction Rubber Tracks Available at the Following Locations:

Bismark, Carrington, Crookston, Fargo, Faribault-Morristown, Minot, Motley Wahpeton, Watford City, Williston – Elite Tire

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