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TIA Certification

TIA Certification

With over 25 years of personal and professional tire industry knowledge and expertise, Clifton Walking Elk has played a key role with OK Tire Store out of the Bismarck, ND office for four years.

He serves as the Corporate Service & Technical Trainer for OK Tire’s internal staff and technicians throughout North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as other organizations in the industry.

OK Tire offers both Classroom training at their Bismarck, ND location or Customer On-Site Training across North Dakota and Minnesota locations. Training sessions can vary by number of trainee’s, types of certifications, classroom setting, and more; Contact our TIA Team today to schedule a consultation.


Types of Certifications available:

  • Automotive (PLT) Tire Service Training
  • Commercial Tire Service Training
  • Tire Repair Training
  • Forklift Certification

After completing the class and TIA testing, you and your business will be headed in the right direction to perform tire related services and/or forklift operator duties for you and your customers.

About Clifton:

Clifton earned his Certified Commercial Tire Service Instructor Certification as well as an Automotive Tire Service Advanced Instructor Certification through TIA (Tire Industry Association). Clifton has previously held sales & marketing related positions, including owning and operating his own business.

Bismarck TIA Certification Classroom: